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“Mr. Bliven is an excellent advocate for his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a client in need. He is also an asset to the Avvo Community, providing invaluable resources to those seeking help.”– Derek Jacques, Child custody Attorney

“I endorse this attorney, who gives so generously to the AVVO community.”– Scottie Leming, Child custody Attorney

“Exceptional attorney, dedicated to client success. Highly recommended.”– Somair Alam, Civil rights Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. David Bliven provides his clients with a comprehensive approach. I have had many cases with him and have found him to be well-prepared and professional in all aspects of the case.”– Darren DeUrso, Divorce and separation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”– Ted Zink

“Mr. Bliven consistently provides accurate legal analysis to the online avvo community. I endorse this lawyer.”– Noah Peterson, Child custody Attorney

“I highly endorse Mr. Bliven. Truly exceptional and caring attorney who achieves great results in representing clients! I want all people to contact him for help.”– Mark Clay, Family Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Such a wonderful spirit and is truly dedicated to clients.”– Jill Rogers

“I endorse this lawyer. It should be readily apparent to anyone dealing with Attorney David Bliven that he is both highly skilled and very knowledgeable in the Matrimonial and Family Law areas. He’s clearly a zealous advocate for his clients and a formidable adversary for opposing counsel.”– Paul Siepmann, Divorce and separation Attorney

“I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer. A brilliant, trustworthy and highly respected attorney in the legal community.”– Sean Cleary, Child custody Attorney

“I enthusiastically endorse this lawyer. He is a credit to the family law community.”– Ingrid Gherman, Family Attorney

“Mr. Bliven and I worked on a custody/relocation matter that required extensive pre-trial negotiation and attempts at settlement which ultimately failed despite the attorneys’ best efforts. He was a thoroughly professional, courteous, and impressive adversary, without whose efforts would have had no chance of settling. I look forward to our next matter together.”– D. Burkett, Child custody Attorney

“This attorney has an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality representation to clients. Experience and proven results!”– Judd Nemiro

“I endorse this lawyer.”– William Ridings, Child custody Attorney

“Extremely knowledgeable attorney!”– Cheryl Berzer, Divorce and separation Attorney

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